Become a Partner

When you become an affiliate partner with UpWordPress, you’ll be able to offer customers professional website management services at the fraction of the cost when compared to hiring a website developer.  And the best part, you’ll create a passive monthly revenue stream.


20% monthly commission for the
life of customer
Dedicated Success Manager
Partner Portal & Tools
60-Day referral tracking
Payouts on the 15th of each month via PayPal
We will direct any web development,
SEO, etc..inquiries back to you.
You own the customer.
Awesome USA based WordPress support for your customers!


How much $ can I make? Any cap on commissions?

Your monthly revenue stream is not capped in any way.  Earnings will grow based on the number of customers you generate.  Below is an example of how quickly your residual income can grow:

Total Customers  Most Popular Service Plan 20% Monthly Commission
2 $149 $60
5 $149 $150
8 $149 $240
12 $149 $360
17 $149 $510
22 $149 $660
30 $149 $900

Commissions are paid out on the 15th of each month via PayPal.

What are the minimum requirements?

We keep it simple.

  • Affiliate Partners qualify for residual commissions when the 3rd customer signs up.  Don’t worry all commissions earned before the 3rd customer will be paid in full once you qualify.  This policy prevents abuse of our monthly service fees.
  • Affiliate Partners must sign up 1 new customer every 2 months.  6 total new customers each year.  Each year we review the qualification status of every Partner. Partners who fail to qualify from the previous year will no longer be able participate in our revenue program.
  • UpWordPress reserves the right to end any Affiliate Partner relationship at any time.  Typically, this is due to fraud, misrepresentation, etc…

That’s it!

I would like to ''markup'' your pricing instead of receiving commission.

This is not our preferred Partner model.  But we are open to discussing this on a limited case-by-case basis.

What does 60-day referral tracking mean?

Each potential customer you send to our website will be tracked with your Affiliate ID for 60 days. If you referral comes back within 60 days and signs up for one of our WordPress management plans, we’ll make sure you get the credit and residual commission.

There is no cost to become an UpWordPress Affiliate Partner. Approved Partners
will have access to all of our marketing tools and Partner Portal.